Journey of a Red Soul —  Book Signing June 14 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm 

Meet Author Marie Dion & Receive Your Own Signed Copy of Journey of a Red Soul
Healing Generations — Guided by Ancestors

Marie was no ordinary child, and her early mystical experiences, her inexplicable reaction to ordinary things, and her ability to remember realities experienced in other lifetimes set her apart from her siblings.

In Journey of a Red Soul, Marie traces her path of discovery, courageously standing in her Native roots, to share lessons learned in multiple previous Native lifetimes. She deftly communicates her insight into the path of healing from racism of all forms, believing we experience diverse lifetimes as the other gender, the other race, and, karmically, any form we consider separate or different from ourselves. She boldly treads upon our tightly-held beliefs about identity and suggests the ultimate solution: we are all interconnected human beings who need to understand each other and “walk in the other’s shoes.” She considers herself a bridge between the Christian perspective and Native understanding, demonstrating how these spiritualties work together throughout her own lifetime testifying to that very real interconnectedness.

A one-of-a-kind kind of evening — magical & emotional.

Located at Groton Wellness: 493 Main St, Groton MA, 978.449.9919

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