The Miracle of Healing with Lisa Campion Special Guest:

Marie Dion

Tuesday, October 23rd at 2pm EST

What if we could remember our past lives and that created a story, designed to heal and weave together the differences which often separate us in our world right now. Artist Marie Dion, shares her experience of discovering her own past lives starting with her Native American roots and branching out to include lessons and memories from previous life times. What might be possible for our world if we all could deeply remember that we are all interconnected?

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Marie Dion considers herself an artist and not a writer. However, two years ago, a poem came to her word for word. She believes her ancestors in spirit form communicated these words and intended to write a book ‘through’ her. The result of this extraordinary experience is her book titled “Journey of a Red Soul”



Marie Dion on

When Your Bucket Is Empty” is a teaching I received today… I am sending out into the world in case someone else needs to hear it as well.



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