“Marie Dion has penned a charming story that brings to life one person’s search for place, identity, and origins.”

W. Michael Gear, New York Times bestselling author of THIS SCORCHED EARTH


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A Journey Everyone Should Take— Joe Eveld 

“In Journey of a Red Soul, author Marie Dion has crafted not only a gripping and heartfelt memoir of her personal experiences, but also a book that, through her personal journey of discovery, offers readers new perspective on the events of their own lives and imparts powerful messages about cultural identity, race, global politics, spirituality, and the central role that each of us plays in shaping our own future and the future of the world. By sharing the story of her unique ability to remember past life experiences, Marie is able to show us the elements of human experience that are universal and illustrate for us how this interconnectedness is our ultimate empowerment and source of strength. This is a must-read for everyone, not only as a singular message of hope in a troubled world, but as an extraordinary moment of teaching that impresses on us the importance of shaping our own spirituality and cultivating empathy for others as the necessary means to overcome what divides us from each other and threatens us, both individually and collectively.”


Storyteller extraordinaire! — LeyzaT

Storyteller extraordinaire! Journey of a Red Soul is captivating and illuminating. Marie’s deeply personal story masterfully brings to life a soul’s journey coming to know its truth. This struck a chord in me… who are my ancestors, what soul contracts have I made and broken, am I ready to ‘remember’?”


Insightful, thought-provoking. — Amalia Artist

“Insightful, thought-provoking. The author lays bare her soul in order to share what she has learned from past lives. I found myself thinking of passages from the book days after reading them.”


Beautiful and Compassionate — Lucy (UK)

“This is a beautifully written book an autobiography of a woman with Native American roots who was brought up a Catholic. The challenges she faces as she learns how to trust Spirit to guide her and how she heals the wounds of her ancestors. This fabulous book is written with such heart and compassion as Marie Dion describes her faith in Jesus and her faith in Spirit coming together to enable her to understand why she is here and what she is her to do. Marie Dion asks many questions and she waits for a sign to show her the answer. I highly recommend this book for those who are intuitive, have an affinity with nature and are curious about life, or if you are simply looking for a more peaceful way of being.”


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