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“Marie Dion has penned a charming story that brings to life one person’s search for place, identity, and origins.
W. Michael Gear,
New York Times
bestselling author of


Born into an Italian, Catholic family in the 1960s, Marie did not delve into her Native ancestry until she was in her thirties. Although most of her relatives preferred to leave their Native heritage behind, her mother shared her father’s ancestral heritage with her children: “We are Algonquin. You need to know.” Plus, Marie was no ordinary child, and her early mystical experiences, her inexplicable reaction to ordinary things, and her ability to remember realities experienced in other lifetimes set her apart from her siblings.

In Journey of a Red Soul, Marie traces her path of discovery, courageously standing in her Native roots, to share lessons learned in multiple previous Native lifetimes. She deftly communicates her insight into the path of healing from racism of all forms, believing we experience diverse lifetimes as the other gender, the other race, and, karmically, any form we consider separate or different from ourselves. She boldly treads upon our tightly-held beliefs about identity and suggests the ultimate solution: we are all interconnected human beings who need to understand each other and “walk in the other’s shoes.” She considers herself a bridge between the Christian perspective and Native understanding, demonstrating how these spiritualities work together throughout her own lifetime testifying to that very real interconnectedness.

“What Spirit has revealed to me, through personal past-life experiences and shared stories, creates a broad picture of how we return to life again and again to experience the world from different perspectives. We have the chance either to heal and grow, or to fail to learn and inflict harm on others. Which of these scenarios occurs depends on the choices we make, and the consequences manifest in this life and our lives to come.”

“To know yourself is to know your connection with the divine, and your purpose. This can only become clear when you mature and grow, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Once you are ready, synchronicities happen in your life that you cannot explain, but they serve as validation that you are moving in the right direction and that you are fulfilling your purpose. These events not only validate your path forward, but also make the path easier for you.”

“Our country needs to heal its past with the First People for us all to prosper… This book is a courageous step in that process.”

Jayne Gabrielle
Psychic Counselor and Reiki Master Healer

“Because a soul’s evolution is both a personal and interconnected experience, there is no avoiding a challenge either personally or on a global and societal scale in life. For an individual soul to grow, or for all of our souls to grow as a collective people, we have to go through the dark times and challenges and make it to the other side to develop clarity and healing. This is not an easy task. It takes a lot of courage and faith, both of which are lacking in the society we live in now. However, this does not mean things are hopeless for all people. A lot of the things we are dealing with in our world now are a reflection of the collective and are happening so that we will once again find our faith. We will once again find connection to the unseen world.”

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